Schroth, the well-tried naturopathic by Johann Schroth has achieved a metabolic and detox that involves the entire human organism and detoxifies, and you can achieve significant weight reduction as well. This procedure is applied with great success already for 170 years.

The three basic principles of the Schroth health cure are:

  • the diet after „Schroth“
  • periodic alternation of drinking water and „dry days“
  • the „Schroth treatment packages“

The holistic therapeutic effect of the Schroth is particularly recommended for metabolic disorders, especially the fat metabolism. Heart and circulatory diseases, skin diseases, glandular dysfunction, rheumatism, respiratory diseases and the gastrointestinal tract, eye diseases and chronic inflammation and poisoning can be influenced in a positive way. As pretreatment it is recommended for everyone. After a two- to three-week cure you return as a "new man" back home.