Bismarckturm with restaurante

Bad Lauterberg highest restaurant with lookout tower offering a great view of the Harz Mountains and Bad Lauterberg.

Berggaststätte Hausberg

With the cable car to the Lauterberger „Hausberg“. The station of the cable car to the mountain is located in the city centre Bad Lauterberg (near the car park at the St. Andrew's Church).
At the mountain peak, the Castle of the „Counts of Lutterberg“ was built in the 12th century, unfortunately, there is no castle anymore.
However, at the plateau of the mountain, you can find a walking route with information panels. And a picnic area with stunning views of the town and surrounding hills invites you to stay.

Burgruine Scharzfels with Schlossberg Restaurante

On a mountain rock you can find the remains of the former castle „Scharzfels“. The castle was built in 1131. The castle belonged tot he „Counts of Scharzfeld“, the family governed until the end of the 13th century in and around that area. Later, the castle belonged to the „Counts of Hohnstein“, and ended up to be adopted by the Duchy Grubenhagen in 1593.

Wiesenbeker pond with Wiesenbekerbaude Restaurante

Located at the outskirts of Bad Lauterberg lake "Wiesenbeker Pond" is a pond used by miners in the 18th century as a reservoir. Situated within a forest, the lake has a depth of approximately 17 m, and is now a popular destination for hiking, pedalo and electric boat rental. There you can find a restaurant - Dombrowsky's Baude - and fishing lakes. Since October 2010 the Wiesenbeker pond is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Upper Harz Water Regale".

The unicorn cave with Höhlenbaude-restuarante

The Unicorn Cave - the name of this cave has a mystical sound. For centuries there were lots of archaeologist who were trying to find the unicorn. The cave is well known far beyond the borders. The crushed into powder remains of "Unicornu fossil", were known throughout Europe as medicine. And even today is being asked by the younger visitors in the cave again after the unicorn.